[24] No cases of penile/perianal/perineal cancer were reported in

[24] No cases of penile/perianal/perineal cancer were reported in either this website group.[25] The vaccine is also expected to be protective against genital warts in males aged 9–15 years, as the immune response in males of this age group was noninferior to that in males aged 16–26 years.[25] Efficacy of the quadrivalent HPV vaccine was also shown with regard to the prevention of persistent and incident HPV infection.[24] The quadrivalent HPV vaccine was generally well tolerated in males aged 9–26 years.[22–24] The most common adverse events reported were injection-site related,[22–24] and most of these were of mild to moderate severity.[11] Overall,

coadministration of the quadrivalent HPV vaccine with other vaccines was generally well tolerated.[26–29] Acknowledgments and Disclosures The full text article[1] from which this profile report was derived was reviewed by K. Kohl, Division of Global Migration and Quarantine, National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, USA; A. Moore, Arlington Center for Dermatology, Department of Dermatology, Baylor University Medical Center,

Dallas, Selleck Daporinad TX, USA, and Department of Dermatology, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Galveston, TX, USA. The manufacturer of the agent under review was offered an opportunity to comment on the original article during the peer review process. Changes based on any comments received were made on the basis of scientific and editorial merit. The preparation of the original article and this profile report was not supported by external funding.

A. Giuliano is on the Speaker’s Bureau of Merck and Co, Inc., and is a consultant to Merck and Co, Inc. References 1. Garnock-Jones KP, Giuliano Bumetanide AR. Quadrivalent human papillomavirus (HPV) types 6, 11, 16, 18 vaccine for the prevention of genital warts in males. Drugs 2011; 71(5): 591–602PubMedCrossRef 2. Hutchinson DJ, Klein KC. Human papillomavirus disease and vaccines. Am J Health Syst Pharm 2008 Nov 15; 65(22): 2105–12PubMedCrossRef 3. Hsueh PR. Human papillomavirus, genital warts, and vaccines. J Microbiol Immunol Infect 2009 Apr; 42(2): 101–6PubMed 4. Giuliano AR, Salmon D. The case for a gender-neutral (universal) human papillomavirus vaccination policy in the United States: point. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2008; 17(4): 805–9PubMedCrossRef 5. Giuliano AR, Tortolero-Luna G, Ferrer E, et al. Epidemiology of human papillomavirus infection in men, cancers other than cervical and benign conditions. Vaccine 2008; 26 Suppl. 10: K17–28PubMedCrossRef 6. Miralles-Guri C, Bruni L, Cubilla AL, et al. Human papillomavirus prevalence and type distribution in penile carcinoma. J Clin Pathol 2009 Oct; 62(10): 870–8PubMedCrossRef 7. Kliewer EV, Demers AA, Elliott L, et al. Twenty-year trends in the incidence and prevalence of diagnosed anogenital warts in Canada.

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