Group Treatment Carbon clearance at Difference in absorbance Phagocytic

extracellular killing. Margination of Phagocytosis is the process by which certain body cel collec 7 neutrophils from the blood stream requires a m adhesi which Dabigatran tively known as phagocyt ingest and removes micranis 8 is mediated through the interactions of the b integrins present on malignant cel ianic particles and tissue debris . In the ). Macrophages play an important role in nonspeci and 0 present stu pretreatment of IFBp evoked speci immune responses. The phagocytic activity of RES was 1 a signi ant increase in the in vitro neutrophil adhesion measured by the rate of removal of gelatinstabilized carbon par 2 to nylon br which correlates the increase in percent neutrophils ticles from the blood circulation . H ). The result reveals that IFBp improve humoral immunity 4 The HA titre was used to assess humoral immune response.
probably through the reproduction and differentiation EPO906 Microtubule inhibitor of Bcells 5 The augmentation of the humoral immune response to SRBCS into antibodysecreting plasma cells . Macrophages can 6 by drugs is evidenced by increase in the antibody titres in the process and present antigen to Bcells. Oral administration of IFBp 7 blood of mice. Antibody molecul a product of B lymphocytes for 0 days and 0 min prior to carbon injec 8 and plasma cel are central to humoral immune response; IgG tion exhibited a doserelated increase in the clearance rate of 9 and IgM are the major immunoglobulins which are involved in carbon by the cells of the RES . The result indicates the stim 0 theplement activati opsonizati neutralization of toxi ulatory effect of IFBp on the cells of the mononuclear phagocytic 1 etc When the effect of IFBp on primary and system.
2 secondary humoral immune response to SRBCs was examin it Immunomodulatory study of IFBp was also performed using the 3 was found that oral administration of IFBp Cyclophosphamideinduced myelosuppression animal model. Alvespimycin 467214217 The 4 markedly augmented the antibody response to SRBCs in mice. The suppression of bone marrow activity re cting myelosuppression 5 result indicated a buy Nobiletin signi ant stimulating effect of IFBp on the abilby cyclophosphamide is considerable and is apanied by a low 6 ity of mice to produce antibodies against a T cell dependent antigen ering of the hemoglobin concentrati RB platelets and total 7 . WBCs counts.
gonads In differential WBCs cou a relative lowering of lym 8 In the early hypersensitivity reacti antigenantibody formed phocyte percentages and an increase in neutrophils was evident 9 immuneplexes are known to induce local in mmation . Oral administration of IFBp 0 with increased vascular permeabili edema and intration of signi antly ameliorated the RB total WBCs and platelets cou 1 PMN leukocytes. It is believed that the observed increase in the and haemoglobin concentration and also restored the myelosup 2 arthus reaction could be due to enhanced formation of IC conpressive effects induced by cyclophosphamide . IFBp 3 sequent upon the elevated levels of antibody of precipitin type was found to increase the total WBCs cou which was lowered by Table Effect of IFBp on carbon clearance . Group Treatment Carbon clearance at Difference in absorbance Phagocytic.

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