Moreover, it is noteworthy that the residues of the catalytic tri

Moreover, it is noteworthy that the residues of the catalytic triad are separated on two different ORFs encoded by Rv2262c/2261c in M. tuberculosis. Beside the three essential residues of the catalytic triad, four other essential residues W237, E343, Y388 and E389 are absolutely required for Lnt learn more function. Among these seven essential residues, five residues are

conserved in M. tuberculosis Rv2051c, Rv2262c/2261c and M. bovis BCG BCG_2070c, BCG_2279c Lnt homologues. Figure 2 A comparison of the Enzalutamide genomic region of Lnt homologues in mycobacteria. Black bars/arrows indicate Lnt homologues. A second domain is fused to the lnt domain in M. tuberculosis Rv2051c, and M. bovis BCG BCG_2070c (grey arrows) and is homologous to M. smegmatis MSMEG_3859 (grey arrow). White arrows indicate orientation of surrounding genes. In summary, homology searches and comparison of essential residues in the putative Lnts revealed

only small differences and it may be hypothesized that both BCG_2070c and BCG_2279c are functional N-acyltransferases. BCG_2070c is identical to an ORF with proven N-acyltransferase activity since M. tuberculosis Lnt complemented the M. smegmatis see more lnt deletion mutant and all three residues of the catalytic triad essential for Lnt function in E. coli are conserved. Lnt activity of BCG_2279c may be buried by the Lnt activity of BCG_2070c. Therefore we generated a BCG_2070c lnt deletion mutant and characterized lipoprotein modifications in the mutant. The lnt deletion mutant was constructed

by transformation of M. bovis BCG with the suicide plasmid pMCS5-rpsL-hyg-ΔlntBCG applying rpsL counter-selection strategy, a powerful tool to generate deletion Farnesyltransferase mutants in mycobacteria [31, 32]. The mutant strain resulting from allelic exchange is referred to as M. bovis BCG Δlnt. Deletion of lnt was verified by Southern blot analysis using a 5’lnt DNA probe (see Additional file 5). The probe hybridized to an 8.1-kbp fragment of the parental strain and to a 3.1-kbp fragment of the Δlnt mutant. Moreover, a complemented mutant strain was constructed by transformation of M. bovis BCG Δlnt mutant with complementation vector pMV361-hyg-lntBCG_2070c expressing M. bovis BCG BCG_2070c. The complemented strain is referred to as M. bovis BCG Δlnt-lntBCG_2070c. BCG_2070c is a functional N-acyltransferase in M. bovis BCG The four expression vectors pMV261-Gm for hexa-histidine/hemagglutinine tagged LprF, LpqH, LpqL or LppX were transformed into M. bovis BCG Δlnt mutant. Recombinant lipoproteins expressed in the four strains were analyzed by Western blot. The apparent molecular masses of the detected proteins correspond to the predicted mass of the recombinant apolipoproteins/mature lipoproteins. Eventually the prepro-/pro-lipoprotein forms, whose sizes are increased by 2–3 kDa due to the presence of the signal peptide, are also detected.

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