Stepwise logistic regression was used to investigate associations

Stepwise logistic regression was used to investigate associations with investigator-assigned CHB disease phenotype. Results Of 335 children, 187 were adopted at median age 27m (IQR 14-62m) after birth in Asia (n=132, 73%), Europe (24, 13%) or Africa (15, 8%). In

univariate analysis compared to not-adopted, adopted were younger (median 9.7 v 12.3y), less likely to be Asian (74% v 83%), more likely to be female (75% v 45%) and immigrants to North America (97% v 48%), with parents with higher education and employed mothers, & to have been treated for HBV (18% v 8%). Adopted had lower height (median percentile 30th v 56th) and BMI (47th v 66th). HBV genotype B was most common in adopted (B=49%, C=26%, Other=25%) v not-adopted (36%, 40%, 24%). HBeAg+ (76% vs 72%), anti-HBe+ (29% v 29%) and HBV CP690550 DNA viral load (8.2 vs 8.1 log10 IU/ml) were similar, but ALT was lower in adopted (35 IQR 23-47, v 42 IQR 30-59 IU/l). Adopted were more likely to be immune-tolerant (IT) (51% v 30%). INCB024360 nmr After controlling for genotype in a multivariable model, adoption & ht-for-age were associated with CHB phenotype. The association with height held true when only Asian children were included in analysis, but

dropped out when treated children were excluded. Conclusion IT disease phenotype is associated with adoption status independent of viral genotype and host variables (e.g. age, sex, race). Future studies should further investigate the influence of environmental factors on the course of CHB infection. Multivariable Logistic Regression Model of Selected Myosin Variables in Association with IT Phenotype Odds ratio (OR) >1 = increased odds of being IT REF = reference group Disclosures: Simon C. Ling – Grant/Research Support: Bristol Myers Squibb Philip Rosenthal – Advisory Committees or Review Panels: Ikaria, Gilead, Merck, General Electric; Consulting: Roche; Grant/Research Support: Roche, Bristol MyersSquibb, Gilead,

Vertex Karen F. Murray – Grant/Research Support: Roche, Gilead, Vertex; Stock Shareholder: Merck Sarah J. Schwarzenberg – Consulting: SparkHealth Consultants, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation; Grant/Research Support: BristolMeyerSquibb Jeffrey Teckman – Consulting: Dicerna, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Vertex, Proteostasis, Genkyotex, The Alpha-1 Project; Grant/Research Support: Alnylam, Arrowhead, Alpha-1 Foundation Kathleen B. Schwarz – Consulting: Novartis, Novartis; Grant/Research Support: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Gilead, Roche/Genentech, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Vertex, Roche The following people have nothing to disclose: Yona K. Cloonan, G. Johnson, Norberto Rodriguez-Baez Background/Aim: Egyptian children undergoing chemotherapy are at a high risk for HCV infection due to immunesuppression and multiple blood transfusions.

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